Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Simple Acts and a Review

Hello All!

Sorry for the delay in posts, I've been working full time with 2 jobs, volunteering on the side and we are moving; all of these things are resulting in my complete exhaustion.

But I thought I would share a little story about something that happened this monday, April 14th. While I was driving over to my boyfriends I was stopped by an elderly woman waving her hands as she crossed the road. I pulled over, a bit confused, and rolled down my window to talk to her. She explained to me that she was a bit lost and had missed a few busses and asked for my help. She also told me that she probably got lost because she can't see very well anymore. In the end I managed to help her get home safely to her retirement home and helping her out definitely made my day. :)

Okay on to the Review!

Waffles Gone Wild

So fun fact.... I am a bit obsessed with waffles. Reciently I have been heading out to restaurants just to see what they have to offer. I discovered Waffles Gone Wild via a friends instagram when she posted a picture of a delicious strawberry and ice cream covered waffle... can I say YUM!!! So that was it, I was on a mission to try this place. I mentioned it to my friend who works in the lab with me and we decided to give it a shot at lunch. 

The place is located just off of Bayswater on Broadway in Kits. It's a bit hard to see because its so teeny! When we arrived, because it was so sunny out, my friend and I decided to sit on the patio which consisted of 2 little tables. The inside, also small, had a few more tables. It is set up very much like a cute cafe that along with waffles also sells bubble tea, coffee, teas and smoothies. 

Here is a shot that I took at lunch.

I had the Ham and Cheese waffle on the bottom my friend had the apple and cheese at the top.

Never would I have thought a savoury waffle would be good! It was such a strange concept to me but boy was it delicious. The waffle had a caramelized sugar on it which created a contrast that enhanced the taste of the salty ham. Along with the waffle was a delicious salad with sweet cherry tomatoes and various lettuce drizzled with a balsamic dressing that was to die for!

Another bonus was the price! My god, the meal looks small but I was in fact full after eating. Total, since I didn't have any thing to drink, my meal came to just over 6 dollars! Insane...where can you eat out for that price these days in Vancouver other than like mcdonalds...which even then can be pricy! 

Love love! I will definitely be visiting this place again to try out the dessert waffles :). 

That's all for now :) thanks for reading <3

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