Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hey all :)

I wanted to do a quick post about my all time favourite animal... the kakapo! I absolutely love these little guys :). They have been called one of New Zealand's ugliest animals, but I couldn't agree less, they are adorable!
Kakapo's are critically endangered - there are currently 126 left in the world. Thankfully they had a successful breeding season and a few eggs are still left to hatch :). These wonderful creatures are from a time when predators were not present in New Zealand and there for evolved to be flightless.  They instead run and climb. When settlers arrived in New Zealand they brought rats and cats along with them and this was detrimental to the kakapo population - cats ate the birds and rats would feast on the eggs nested on the ground.
Thankfully, a wonderful group of people, part of New Zealand's Department of Conservation, have been helping these little guys to try to increase their numbers in the wild - The Kakapo Recovery Program. This is an organization I hold close to my heart and they have made a huge difference so far and are continuing to do so.

Picture from the Kakapo Recovery's FB page. 

If you want to read more about their efforts you can check it out here. They are also on facebook and twitter.

Also check out the adorable spokes bird, Sirocco, on facebook and twitter.

I had been wanted to donate to their efforts for quite sometimes and finally had enough extra on a paycheque to do so (they take smaller donations too :) anything helps! I just wanted to do the adoption option). So I chose to adopt marama who is a very small female (I'm small and felt I could relate haha ;) ). The minimum to adopt is $100 nz, but they send you a cute package with a stuffed animal, bookmark and some stickers. I hope to one day be able to help out more be it through donation or volunteering. And, maybe one day I'll be able to see one of these beautiful creatures in person :).

An instagram picture of my adoption package

Fun fact about me: I hope to one day donate money to conserve the worlds bird species (I'm slowly donating what I can now but hope to do a lot more). Can you imagine a world without birds? I wouldn't want to live in that world. 


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