Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hello 2014... a bit late

Wow, I have to be the absolute worst blogger (and i've said this a few times!). I keep watching youtube videos (total addict) about these people who have been blogging for years and it makes me want to start...and yet I still can't sit down to do it! I've decided to blog mainly for my own sake, I want to keep track of things that i'm trying in my life -from stress management to makeup products.

2014 is a new year so I've decided to do a few different things to make my life better. The first thing I started was going to the gym. I'm lucky enough to have a fast metabolism but I feel like internally I'm probably not the healthiest. I don't eat that badly or anything, I just treat myself from time to time! (total fastfood lover hehe).

Another thing I really want to focus on is being mentally healthy- by that I mean being calm and happy as much as possible! I've just finished up my science degree so the school stress is gone, thankfully, but I still find myself getting stressed about little things that I really shouldn't. I also just focus in on it and get fixated so much that it's all that I think about...awful. So my new goal is to take a deep breath and remember that I am in charge of my emotions, and there is absolutely no need to get frustrated over the little things. A friend of mine posted a really cute quote on instagram - "I am in charge of my feelings and today I am choosing happiness" - this is something I want to live by. It's not fair to myself to be frustrated nor is it healthy. I also always regret my actions when I'm getting mad over little things and  it's also not fair to the people around me.

Anyways, rant over haha. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to calm myself down and just - as frozen puts it - let it go.


  1. thank you love for your comment! I'm so glad you started blogging - it's a nice little place to express your feelings and keep yourself motivated. love the quote as well, being optimistic and less stressed keeps you going. take care x

    1. Anytime and thank you! I will definitely try to keep my self motivated and try to keep up with posting. You as well x

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