Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ooops...I went Shopping! Clothing Haul Spring 2014

Hey All, 

Just wanted to do a haul post of what I've purchased over the past few months. Some of these items are from a month or so ago (so don't worry I didn't just go nuts in one go!) and were all purchased slowly over the last little while! I had considered doing a look-book but just haven't had the time to do so...maybe I'll do it for a few of the items, we'll see! 

Also I'm going to do a second post on makeup/beauty in the next little while so keep you're eyes peeled! For now enjoy :). 

Crop tops galore! All from Charlotte Russe and all for under $10. This was a "trying something new" thing for me and anytime I try something out of my comfort zone I never spend too much on things so charlotte russe was the perfect store for these cute tops! The top 2 have a bow back and the bottom 2 have a twisted strap, super cute! Purchased on vacation in California! 

This cute striped 3/4 length sleeve shirt from J Crew Factory. A perfect light knit for spring for ~$30. This was also a purchase while on vacation.

A comfy sweatshirt material blazer by "Black" for Saks Fifth Avenue. Again purchased on vacation from the Saks off Fifth outlet. It was originally $110 but I got it for 50% off, yay sales! 

These high-waisted jeggings by "Bulldog" from Pacsun were by one get one free, again purchased on vacation for a grand total of $50. 

On the Left: Bird Trousers from Asos $20 
On the Right: Harem Pants from Garage clothing $35
Originally I hated garage as a teenager but recently they have had some really cute things, definitely a must check out if you were like me! 

To get an idea of the Harem pants here is a picture from my instagram! They are worn high-waisted I paired mine with a top from Aritzia and a very old, faithful, cardigan from Costa Blanca (Aka it's like 6+ years old!).

Shorts from on the left side J-Crew for $25 each (from my vacation) and the brown pair on the right are high-waisted from Plenty purchased for $60 (they're sooo comfy! I can't wait for warmer weather).

These socks are genius! They're sock liners purchased from Aldo, 3 pairs for $10! They are great for converse or low boots, you can't even see them. 

Shoes from left to right: Aldo ($60), Lower East side for Payless ($35) and Converse juniors, yay for small feet! ($25 from the outlet in California) 

Back view

Left: Matt and Nat wallet from Plenty ($30)
Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie Bag from Aritiza ($288)

Echo Design Scarf from Plenty (also available from Indigo Chapters) for $40. This was a mistake purchase, always look at the price tag people! 

That's all for my purchases guys! I've clearly spent wayyyy too much money since starting to work full time; going to need to fix that. Also good news, my graduation status was finally approved, YAY! I'll have my BSc in Cell biology and Genetics formally as of May 26th :). 


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